Book Requests

Hi, guys. If you read the “About Me” section in the footer of this site, I stated that I am not and will not guarantee to upload a certain number of books over a certain period of time. I do, however, take requests. If you look through the site and can’t find a book that you really want, you can go and request the book to my tumblr account. If you message me there, I’ll be able to read it shortly after you post the message. I’ll check out the book(s) you requested and if it turns out I like them, I’ll try my best to download and upload them onto here. I’ll make sure to get back to you about my decision after I make one. Also, if you do decide to request an ebook, please message me on tumblr stating that you want me to upload that ebook on this site because I might not know what you’re talking about otherwise.

In case you forgot my tumblr URL, click here.

Happy reading!


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